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Tickets for RDW 2020

  • 19 Septembrie 2020
  • Festival news

The main destination of Romanian Design Week 2020 is Combinatul Fondului Plastic, on 29 Băiculești street, Bucharest, a place with a special history.

The Romanian Design Week exhibitions reunited under the CHANGE 2.0 theme aim to (re)investigate the role of design as it is today: a marathon of projects and initiatives outlined around an actual challenge, a series of conceptual design projects, but also a range of projects designed for a better future, next to a series of installations and urban interventionswhich role is to rise problems and find solutions for current situations.

Inside the design park developed at CombinatulFondului Plastic, visitors are going to discover:

Possible Realities,a conceptual design exbition that partially keeps the structure and projects selected for May, when the eighth edition of Romanian Design Week was supposed to take place, but also showcases the creative worlds behind them and questions the role of a designer nowadays. The exhibition takes place at SENATE. The concept and the architecture of the exhibition is signed together with Attila Kim Architects.

Antifragile, an exhibition that presents new concerns in the design world, by both initiatives and projects that had a positive contribution in the current situation caused by the pandemic. It takes place at Sector 1 Gallery and is developed in partnership with Zeppelin Design (Cosmina Goagea, Justin Baroncea, Constantin Goagea);

Open Air - a punctual series of interventions and installations outside the complex, that aim to attest ways in which creativity can have a contribution on overcoming current challenges and also show the role of both design and architecture in generating change.

Romanian Design Week takes into consideration all the regulations in force in order to guarantee the public safety. The large area that CombinatulFondului Plastic presents, favorable for social distancing, was a priority when choosing the space for this year’sedition.

Tickets are only available online. Buy them from here.

Students have free access during Romanian Design Week, using the code RDW4Students in the ticket purchase form and based on the student card presented at the entrance to the exhibition.

The access of each visitor will be made only after his noncontact thermometry and will be allowed only if the visitor has a temperature below 37.3 and only under the conditions of wearing a protective mask, which will have to cover the mouth and nose throughout the visit.

See you there!