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Start Call for projects RDW Exhibition 2024!

  • 15 Septembrie 2023
  • Festival news

#RDW2024 #UnlocktheCity #callforprojects

Submission deadline: 3 November 2023

Entry categories: Architecture / Interior Design / Graphic Design / Product Design / Fashion / Illustration.

Projects can be submitted by filling in the entry form here.

The rules of participation, which we invite you to read before filling in the form, can be accessed here.


RDW Exhibition promotes local creative industries professionals year after year by providing a context in which they can present their latest projects to both their peers and the general public.

Romanian designers and architects are invited to enter projects made in the last year in one of the six categories of the exhibition: Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Product Design, Fashion and Illustration. The deadline for entries is 3 November 2023.

Continuing the approach started last year to gather and promote as many good projects as possible, validated by representatives of the industries they belong to, the RDW Exhibition format brings together in this year's selection process more than 150 local specialists, gathered in the RDW Community, together with six teams of local and international curators. The RDW Community is made up annually of the participants of the previous edition of the festival, together with the authors of the projects presented in the online portfolio archive of the same edition.


The intention of the whole approach is to connect as many specialists as possible with the current architecture and design scene in Romania and to raise the standards of local projects together. Both RDW Community members and curatorial teams change year after year, providing a new vision to each edition of the festival.  

The selection process has two stages: in the first stage, the specialists gathered in the RDW Community will validate the projects entered, forming a selection base from which the curators of the edition will choose, in the second stage, the participants in the physical exhibition from 24 May to 2 June in Bucharest. 


The projects voted by the RDW Community will be promoted throughout the year on and on the online communication channels of Romanian Design Week and The Institute. 

More details about RDW Community members and curators of the 2024 edition soon on: website, Facebook and Instagram.