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Romanian Design Week 2024 will take place from 24 May to 2 June. Theme of the edition: Unlock the city

  • 15 Septembrie 2023
  • Festival news

The twelfth edition of Romanian Design Week, the most complex event dedicated to the creative and cultural industries in Romania, will take place in Bucharest from 24 May to 2 June under the theme Unlock the city.

In 2024, the festival aims to investigate the ways in which creativity and innovation can shape the cities of tomorrow, and at the same time contribute to exploring Bucharest, discovering its potential and layers, the creative spaces in the city and the organisations or cultural projects that animate and define them.

The programme of the #12 edition will invite the public to discover the creative specificity of some areas of the city, to discover novel design projects and multi-disciplinary approaches, but also to contribute to the definition of spaces for dialogue, thus demonstrating the importance of the processes of collective imagination and co-creation of a friendlier city.

RDW 2024 wants to contribute to reconnecting the citizens of Bucharest to the city and especially to its communities, rediscovered this time from the perspective of the potential of local creative industries.


The launch of the edition coincides this year with the start of the call for projects for the RDW Exhibition, which every year promotes local creative industries professionals by offering a context in which they can present their latest projects, both to their colleagues and to the general public.

Romanian designers and architects are invited to submit projects made in the last year in one of the six categories of the exhibition: Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Product Design, Fashion and Illustration. Entries must be submitted by completing the entry form available here by 3 November 2023.


Continuing the approach started last year to gather and promote as many good projects as possible, validated by representatives of the industries they belong to, the RDW Exhibition format brings together in this year's selection process more than 150 local specialists, gathered in the RDW Community, together with six teams of local and international curators. The intention of the process is to connect as many specialists as possible with the current architecture and design scene in Romania and to raise the standards of local projects together.

More details about the 2024 architecture edition, its programme, events and formats coming soon on: website, Facebook and Instagram.